Equine Assisted Support Group

Monthly on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays

1hr and 15 minute sessions.

Improve your life and chances for success. Blast through obstacles with experiential learning. This method promotes new neural pathways and takes us giant steps in reaching our goals.




Horsemanship 101

7/10 - 8/14

Weekly Sessions, Wednesdays at 6pm

6 weeks of 90 minute sessions with a CHA instructor.

This class is for learning the basics about horses: catching horses in a field, grooming, basic round penning, ground work and relationship building.

This is prerequisite for Beginning Riding

6 weeks


Obstacle Course

Practice Sessions

August 17-September 7

October 5-26

Saturdays 10-noon

Trail riding is one of the best ways to bond with your horse!

Meet others in Douglas County who are like-minded, practice together, and support one another!

Our purpose is to encourage each other in the common goal of competing in Mountain Trail and Obstacle. This is not a groomed course. All levels are welcome! Registration required.



by donation