Gateway Ranch

& The Herd

Our culture is one where everyone is important and everyone belongs.

Horses belong to a herd. Herd behaviors include good boundaries, clear leadership, protection, and belonging. 

While horses have been intellectually likened to a three-year-old human, their ability for empathy outshines animals like dogs and cats. With very good hearing and comprehensive peripheral vision, horses don't miss much.

They have much to teach us about many things:

  • Community

  • Communication

  • Belonging

  • Humility

  • Order

  • Leadership

  • Boundaries

Individual and group

sessions available

Meet the Horses:

SIPSEY  suffered unintended trauma from human handlers before she came to Gateway.  She is now calm and steady. She is willing on the trail, heals in her own forward, yet subtle and sometimes humorous ways.  Her heart is generous with belonging and she loves kids.  We adopted her from a rescue.

FIREFLY was born and bred to a local trainer.  This wise older Mare has lived many places, and lead many herds in her time. She often joins us on excursions at liberty, enhancing the communications on the trail. In healing sessions, she and Sipsey both show up, consistently.  And are an amazing team.  Firefly is the epitome of grace.

Cherokee Charley Ponyboy  is our newest horse.  He is a BLM mustang from Nevada.  Born in 2015 he has begun training in both healing and trail riding.  He is smart, willing and very affectionate.  Everyday he bonds more fully with our herd.



About Ishe

Cherokee Charley

Ishe has been around horses since she was a girl.  She and the herd have been coaching in their profound way since 2016. 


She is a Certified Horsemanship Association riding instructor in both English and Western.   And certified in several Equine Assisted Practices modalities.  Ishe's experience in teaching yoga, natural building, and assisting in facilitating interpersonal skills workshops reinforced the skill sets used in EAP.