Raynor Family

"Ishe makes sure that my kids are learning to understand horses and themselves on a deeper level. She encourages them to have a relationship with the horses, to learn their equine body language, as well as how their own movements are interpreted by the horses. They are learning skills applicable to other parts of life, like being in the moment, focusing your intention, and respecting boundaries. There is so much to learn about horses that is applicable to other areas of our lives. There is a deep bond with nature and animals, the respect for other living things that is best learned in a hands-on environment like this. We love every moment we spend out there!"

Ashera Safarty

"Working with the horses and Ishe was a profound experience. I have never experienced anything quite like it. Being so close to such beautiful, sensitive and powerful animals who are so attentive in holding space, offering their healing and reflections was incredible. They physically and energetically worked on me. It showed me places I have never seen in myself and brought a sense of healing that I cannot even bring to words. The animal human connection is incredibly powerful work." 

Joanne Williams

“The horse supported me in allowing awareness of a sadness too primal for words.  I know the horse was right there with me, no words necessary. I continue to know horse strength as a gift that remains with me as an inner resource.”

 Jas Val (Mentee)

When I began the mentorship program, my intention was to learn different modalities for healing, mind, body, gut connection, and to experience a different way of being. I            didn't know what to expect, but I was ready to learn. EAP taught me how much there is to learn in this field and I am grateful to have been able to assist facilitating some sessions.  The testimonials from clients in this practice brings joy to my heart to have been part of their experiences. These opportunities also helped me grow and heal. My physical health improved, during my stay and my person growth soared.  I learned so much about myself. This method permitted me to watch myself and my reactions, which no loner were serving me, and to let go. I am amazed at how quickly the emotional growth happened with the help of Ishe and the herd.