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 Lessons about horses

We Begin With a Solid Foundation


Understanding how horses think, speak, and interact in herds is important  When mutual trust is created, the partnership becomes the basis.

Class covers:

  • How to know "feel"

  • catching evasive horses in the field

  • grooming

  • approach and timed release

  • techniques for equine communication

  • building trust

Most injuries to people around horses occur because; the person did not “read the horse” correctly.  Horses are gentle creatures that are fear driven but not malicious in nature.  

Time Commitment: This is a six week course. Once a week, for 60 minutes, ongoing for 6 weeks.​

cost $350

Who will benefit from this class:?

  • Beginners

  • New horse owners

  • Anyone who is drawn towards spending time with horses

  • Anyone who wishes to evolve over a fear of horses

  • Horse owners who have doubts about what they are doing or think there must be a better way…

  • Horse folks with an open mind who want more from their relationship with their equine partner

The focus of the Horsemanship class is building trust. The process begins spending time with horses, with our feet on the ground.


The process takes more time than other riding instruction because the relationship comes first. This is a "no horse class" (this means you do not have to have a horse, and we will be working on the ground, with horses on the ranch.)

​The foundation of relationship training begins with learning “Equis,” the body language that horses speak.  By increasing human awareness deeper connections with horses is possible. Like any relationship, mutual trust, affection for each other, and personality compatibility are part of the dynamic. The techniques taught are revolutionary.  Be ready for the side effects.  Horses have lots to teach us.  Learning from the ground up creates safety!

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